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Martin Coleman

Martin has run his Colem enterprise since 1992 and was Executive Director, the Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) until December 2019. He is now a member of SIG’s Advisory Board. Starting his career in 1970 with the UK’s  General Post Office (now BT), for over 50 years he has been (and and still is) involved with many areas of the communications business, particularly space.

Since 2011 (as founder of the Interference Reduction Group), Martin has played a leading role in reducing radio frequency interference (RFI). He regularly addresses the industry on the management of spectrum and space, including space debris, and facilitates workshops both live and online.

Colem is an Events, Technology and Management provider. Before Colem, Martin worked in BT’s (GPO) London international switching centres, moving on to satellite projects for Madley, Goonhilly and other UK sites.

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