Regulation is Fun! (29 June 2017)

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Regulation is Fun! (29 June 2017)

The BSN-UK regularly holds networking events that look at all kinds of technological advances across the Broadcasting and Satellite Industry. But this time we were able to gather the membership together at consultants Access Partnership to find out for themselves just how much fun the regulation aspect of the industry can really be as well! No, really!

Policy Advisers, Anna Guégan and Daphné Joseph described how Access Partnership had grown to over 40 staff and 6 global offices since it was established in 1999. With world-leading clients, including Microsoft, Intelsat, Facebook, Ofcom and Orange amongst others, Access Partnership seeks to guide and influence world policy decision-making through its Technical Policy Team, which devises technical arguments to support advocacy, gains acceptance for position in multilateral technical groups and perform technical due diligence and spectrum campaigns at the ITU, the Public Policy Team, which delivers outcomes in nation proceedings, multilateral events and designs and executes issue-specific campaigns and Market Access team, which advises on market compliance, conducts regulatory studies and drives campaigns for approval for products and services.

Anna and Daphné gave some practical examples where their tailor-made database of regulatory decisions and decision makers – for some 190 territories – has proven to be vital in gaining a VSAT license in some far-far-away land – or gaining approval for in-flight technology. The presentation made the juxtaposition of how a country could be seen as an island paradise, with white sand, azure seas and perfect skies from one viewpoint… and a regulatory, time consuming, frustratingly uncooperative one from another.

The presentation led to lively discussion and debate from the membership with plenty of Q & A from the floor. In the end, we all agreed that regulation surely was fun – but we’d probably leave it to Access Partnership to sort out…

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