Open Mike Night (28 November 2017)

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Open Mike Night  (28 November 2017)

After what has been a very active year for the BSN, with networking meetings sponsored by Inmarsat, Kratos, Access Partnership and our Annual Open Mike Night, sponsored by SES Networks, our membership has more than doubled in numbers since the beginning of 2017!

This year’s Annual Open Mike Night was held, as has become the tradition, at The Yorkshire Grey in London’s Theobald’s Road. Easily accessible for members, it was actively attended by BSN members from a wide range of disciplines across our industry. First on his feet was Martin Coleman, Executive Director of iRG and BSN Board Member. Martin gave an overview of the recent iRG Workshop that had been held in Brighton (and one that was generously offered to BSN members to attend free of charge).  His overview included some excellent data on space debris – an issue that is set to become a potentially major issue, especially for the LEO satellite operators in the not too distant future.  It seems to be that there are many thousands of pieces of debris of more that 20cm in length, travelling at thousands of miles per hour with the kinetic potential to cause major damage to current and future satellites.  Clearly an area the industry needs to keep a close eye on.

Roger Boddy told us of his new plans for Global Teleports with a new site coming on stream sometime in the New Year. He had also been involved with a project transmitting the first occasional use TV broadcast from Easter Island with Danish company QuadSAT.  Through the networking power of the BSN, QuadSAT is company with whom Anver Anderson (BSN Secretary) has now been engaged to develop their commercial ‘go to market’ strategy and tactical planning. Networking and business building is what the BSN is all about.

We also heard from one of the BSN’s newest members, Richard Jacklin, Director of Sales, Vialite, who gave an overview of ViaLite’s RF over fibre links and systems, which supports the transmission of data of any modulation type with minimal degradation.  ViaLite products are optimised for satcom teleports, satellite ground stations, satellite downlinks, VSAT, interfacility linking, cellular networks, TV broadcast and GPS timing signal distribution.

The evening was rounded off with some observations on the industry from Chris Snowdon of Access Partnership.

The BSN UK is grateful for sponsorship for the event by SES Networks.

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