Open Mike Night, London (22 November 2016)

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Open Mike Night, London (22 November 2016)

In the upstairs private room of The Yorkshire Grey pub on Theobolds Road, London, the BSN kicked off the beginning of its second decade with an Open Mike Night event. The event was well attended with professionals representing satellite operators, service providers, broadcasters, and manufacturers, as well as the legal, security and education sectors.

The primary objective of the event was to encourage networking between professionals across all sectors of the industry in order that common interests – and indeed business opportunities – might be discovered and developed. The level of energetic networking was palpable as many business cards were collected and shared amongst the group along with lively conversation and information exchange.

But of course this was an Open Mike event, and the group was delighted to hear about initiatives and entrepreneurial business development from James Taylor of Yonet Telecom, Jerry Stone of Spaceflight UK, and Martin Turner of Full Frame Technology – three very diverse areas of the satellite and broadcast industry.

As usual, the evening passed all too quickly, with us having to push the last stragglers out the door at 9pm …

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