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The BSN’s networking agenda got off to a flying start for 2019 with an event sponsored by Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd. Anver Anderson, GES Director of Sales, explained to the assembled members that even though Goonhilly Earth Station was one of the world’s first teleports (transmitting the first transatlantic TV signals back in the early 1960s), it’s still at the cutting edge of space-based telecommunications.

GES is involved in a range of projects for near space, LEO, MEO and GEO satellite communications as well as Deep Space, forthcoming Moon and Mars missions as well as radio astronomy. All this at a time when a renewed interest in space exploration and cube-sats is attracting so much investment from both government and industry.

In addition to the standard teleport services of uplink transmission and downlink feeds, TT&C, ranging and monitoring services, Goonhilly Earth Station is also introducing a brand new Data Centre facility with extensive connectivity to local and international fibre loops. In fact the SEA-ME-WE-3 international cable network has a node inside GES, connecting through the Middle East to South East Asia and Australia as well.

Significantly, the team at Goonhilly has doubled in size during the last year and with so many projects developing in the coming years, the team is set to grow further. Goonhilly is already a partner with the UK’s new rocket launch centres at Newquay – and more recently Shetland – to provide support to the UK’s ambitions of being a centre of excellence for launch services.

Goonhilly is led by CEO Ian Jones, who along with his Board of Directors, has dared to dream of how Goonhilly can take its place alongside the next generation of space communications and explorers. Having saved the site from becoming a wind farm back in 2004, Ian and his team have established training courses and projects that have kept some 400 school pupils, 150 university students and 4 PhD students enthused about their own future – as well as that of the space industry.

This event was immediately preceded by the BSN's AGM.

The evening was another resounding success, with nearly half of the BSN membership attending, and our thanks to Goonhilly Earth Station for hosting such an enjoyable evening.


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